Why Partner with TPTN?

If you’re interested in saving healthcare dollars while still allowing your members to have access to thousands of in-network providers, carving out your physical therapy benefits to the TheraMatrix Physical Therapy Network (TPTN) is the solution.

Healthcare Savings

TheraMatrix Physical Therapy Network (TPTN) specializes in managing outpatient physical therapy benefits for organizations and employer groups. Your organization will enjoy significant savings of health care dollars and your employees will receive access to outpatient physical therapy administered by a network of licensed physical therapists in 44 states.

TPTN works within the existing benefits structure at your company. We have a network that is customizable to meet the needs of our clients, plus, the TPTN has garnered a Member Satisfaction rating of 97% for over ten years running!

The Challenge & the Solution to Physical Therapy Benefits

The challenge for employers today looking to offer physical therapy benefits for their employees is twofold:

  1. Effectiveness of Physical Therapy Programs
  2. Offering In-Network Benefits Across the Country

TPTN solves these issues with a network of in-network physical therapy clinics in 44 states across the nation, from Dallas to Seattle to Detroit.

Need to Know More About How TPTN Can Help You Save?

Check out this case study:

Average amount reimbursed for an outpatient physical therapy visit$207.00
Average number of visits paid per episode of care19.5
Total cost for an episode of care$4,036.50
Average amount reimbursed for an outpatient physical therapy visit$80.00
Average number of visits paid per episode of care15
Total cost for an episode of care$1,200.00

With lower reimbursement costs per visit, the cost to your company for healthcare is dramatically reduced. When you carve out your physical therapy benefits to TPTN, you can expect an average savings of over $2,000 per employee over an episode of care.

How do we do this?

  • TPTN providers are held to strict quality and service standards.
  • All cases are manually reviewed to ensure your members are receiving the best quality of care.
  • Partner with providers focused on the highest standard of care, leading to fewer visits and significant healthcare savings.

About TheraMatrix Physical Therapy Network

A national company, TheraMatrix is capable of providing services to government agencies, Fortune 100 companies, insurance organizations, etc. nationwide. The company is well positioned to expand its provider network of physical therapy and wellness services.

Join Our Physical Therapy Carve-Out Program

If you’re interested in learning more about TPTN, our provider locations or how you can carve out your physical therapy benefits to save money and get your employees back on their feet faster after an injury, simply call us at 1 (800) 545-3422 or contact us by email:

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