TheraMatrix Physical Therapy Network – How Does It Work

  • Organization chooses to utilize TPTN for physical therapy healthcare benefits as part of their benefit plans.
  • Carve out of physical therapy benefits to TPTN resulting in access to nationwide coverage for your members
  • Minimal or no out-of-pocket costs to members
  • 100% placement of all patients requiring specialty care services
  • Proven cost-effective rehabilitation programs

About Our History

Robert E. Whitton, PT, founded TheraMatrix Services, Inc. (formerly Whitton, Boutros, & Associates) in 1981 and is recognized as an innovator and pioneer of successful rehabilitation programs. With TheraMatrix he focused on quality first, safety compliance and delivering affordable physical therapy healthcare services. In 2005, Robert Whitton’s vision transformed to become a nationwide network of licensed physical therapy providers, as TheraMatrix Physical Therapy Network (TPTN) was created. TPTN consists of thousands of licensed, outpatient physical therapy providers across the United States. It is the Gold Standard for the physical therapy ancillary service carve-out model.

Photograph of Robert E. Whitton